Top 5 Cricut Machines for Cricut Cartridges in 2020

Top 5 Cricut Machines for Cricut Cartridges in 2020

by Sean Curran

At Crafty Cartridges we love our Cricut Cartridges – so naturally, all of the Cricut Machines on this list will make good use of your existing Cricut Cartridge collection. We’ll make sure to highlight the DesignSpace-friendly machines as well, because, they too, are able to use your Cricut Cartridges.

#1 – Cricut Expression Machine

The Cricut Expression Machine is timeless. It is the all-time best-selling Cricut Machine to date. The ultimate hands-on die cutting machine. The demand and development of Cricut Cartridges instantly spiked due to the success of this machine. Over the space of 5 years, 400+ Cricut Cartridges were created. The Cricut Expression Machine is still in use by hundreds of thousands (and possibly even a million), Cricut Cartridge enthusiasts. Cricut Craft Room no longer exists as a design platform, but most people I have spoken to prefer the original cutting and designing method – without the need for a computer and internet. So if you are nervous about using this machine and buying cartridges have no fear. You can get crafty exactly the way the Cricut was meant to be used.*The Cricut Expression machine is no longer in production.

  • Use Cricut Expression with Cricut Cartridges
  • Use Cricut Expression with all Cricut Cartridges that require a Universal Overlay
  • Standalone machine, does not require internet or computer
  • Cuts up to 12×12 inches or 12×24 depending on the cutting mat size
  • Cuts vinyl, vellum, foils, chipboard, and fabric
  • Will not work with Design Space

#2 – Cricut Expression 2 Machine

The encore didn’t disappoint, but its demand never quite reached the original Expression. Either way, this is still one of the funnest machines to get crafty with. The Cricut Expression 2 Machine added a sleek new look, additional branding, faster cuts, a touchscreen display, and other great features. It was even celebrated during the Cricut 5th anniversary, as Provo Craft designed an anniversary edition of the Expression 2 – with limited edition content pre-loaded on it, and eye-catching green end-caps. *The Cricut Expression 2 machine is no longer in production.

#3 – Cricut Original Personal Electronic Cutter

The one that started it all. This 6×12 die cutting machine set the standard for all future Cricut Machines, including other competitor brands. This machine just keeps going. I have seen many users give up their Personal Cricut for newer models, only to miss that original nostalgia of crafting without WiFi. The Cricut Personal Cutter (also knows as V1) machine was designed to function with the original Cricut cartridges as a completely stand alone machine, hence no need for the internet. *The Cricut Personal Electronic Cutter V1 machine is no longer in production.

#4 – Cricut Explore Machine

You have now entered the future of Cricut. When the Cricut Explore Machine was released the crafting world was instantly amazed, confused, and perplexed – all at once. No keyboard, no LED screen? How would one create??? Enter Cricut DesignSpace. The DesignSpace platform is so user friendly, and when paired with this machine it's obvious that upgrading isn't such a bad idea...especially when you can link your cartridges into Cricut Design Space by using the Cricut Cartridge port found on the Explore machine. This machine is advanced in every way possible when compared to Legacy Cricut Machines. It can be used with Design Space with or without a subscription. You can link your collection of cartridges to Design Space by plugging in your cartridge into its built-in Cricut Cartridge adapter port. The great thing about Cartridges is a lot of the content is licensed through designers like Anna Griffin, Teresa Collins, as well as Disney, Hello Kitty, and DC (Batman, Superman). Since some of the licensed content will be restricted for purchase within Design Space, content on your cartridges will never be locked. You will be able to cut and design with all of your cartridges by linking to Design Space.

#5 - Cricut Maker Machine

Cricut has gone above and beyond. Cartridges again appear to be on the way out with this machine. But, with the simple help of a Cricut Cartridge Adapter, you will be able to sync your cartridges to Design Space and use this Cricut Maker like never imagined! Cricut Maker has once again lifted Cricut as the die-cutting machine pro's.

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