6 Reasons to Expand Your Cricut Cartridge Collection in 2020

6 Reasons to Expand Your Cricut Cartridge Collection in 2020

by Sean Curran
As you probably know, all Cricut Cartridges are retired, which means since 2017 Cricut Cartridges are no longer in production. The remaining brand new Cricut Cartridges for sale at Crafty Cartridges (as well as eBay and Amazon), are the last brand new cartridges in existence. So...why should you keep buying them if you can get a Cricut machine that works with Design Space and use the digital content instead? Here are 6 reasons why you should keep buying physical Cricut Cartridges in 2020.

1. Grow your cartridge library:

With 450+ physical Cricut Cartridge titles designed in all, it's likely most of us have a ways to go before we'd say our cartridge collection is complete. Whether you are new to Cricut or if you’ve been around since 2006, one thing is for sure. You love your collection of Cricut Cartridges. Sure they might take up a lot of closet space, but with physical Cricut Cartridges, you will always have access to the content that is on them - even if later you decide to get a Cricut Explore and link them to Design Space. They are yours. The content will never expire - even the licensed content like Disney, Hello Kitty, and Anna Griffin.

2. Link to Design Space:

As mentioned above, you can Link your cartridges to Design Space with a Cricut Cartridge Adapter or a newer Machine with a Cricut Cartridge port. “Linking” means your Cricut Cartridge can be uploaded/synced online to Design Space for no additional cost.You can then use the digital cartridge content in Design Space with a Cricut Maker, Cricut Explore, Cricut Explore 2, or other Explore machines. So basically you get to have your cake and eat it, too. Anytime you miss your Cricut Expression, just grab your cartridges and get back to crafting the original way. Cartridges can’t be linked twice, so keep in mind that if you buy used cartridges that are already linked you won’t be able to link them to Design Space. But good news, used or linked cartridges can always be used with standalone Legacy machines (Cricut Expression, Personal Cutter V1, Cake Machines, Expression 2, and Imagine). *By default, all brand new Cricut Cartridges have not been linked.

3. Hard to Find:

You know those “retired, rare and hard to find” Cricut Cartridges that are all super expensive on eBay? That’s what’s going to happen to every Cricut Cartridge as they quickly keep selling out online at Crafty Cartridges. Make sure your collection is complete before prices keep going up!

4. Exclusive content:

Many Cricut Cartridges are designed by creators such as Anna Griffin, Sanrio (Hello Kitty), Disney, Pixar, Teresa Collins, and many others. Most of these cartridges are already extremely hard to find in brand new condition, and are usually expensive in used/linked condition. Eventually most of these license agreements will come to an end, which means digital content will no longer be available on Cricut Design Space. But...if you have the physical Cricut Cartridge, you will always be able to access the cartridge content in Design Space. Also, lots of cartridges come with content exclusive to the physical cartridge and can’t be found on Design Space at all. So make sure you keep your Cricut Cartridges so you can always access exclusive, and licenced content.

5. No need for a computer:

Isn’t it great to not have to depend on a computer for something? With Cricut Cartridges and Cricut Legacy machines you can craft without an internet connection. All you need is a power outlet and you’re ready to cut.

6. Nostalgia:

Remember when Cricut released a new cartridge every Thursday? “Hello Thursday” brings back some real nostalgia for most of us Cricut lovers. Over a 10 year period Cricut produced almost 500 unique cartridges, and every Thursday Cricut would announce a new product for Cricut Machines. Most weeks these releases would include a new Cricut Cartridge. The excitement and anticipation of each new release would literally take over the world of crafting. Everyone was talking about Cricut Cartridges. Cricut Cartridges were the 2nd most searched item on eBay in 2010 - right between #1 iPhone, and #3 iPod. Cricut was on top of the world then, and it's on top of the galaxy now. Keep collecting Cricut Cartridges, for old times’ sake. How many Cricut Cartridges do you own, and what titles? Let us know in the comment section below.


Carol Kaune

I wish you could buy the new ones. I craft on occasion where there is no internet. All of my cartridges don’t show up when I use off line.

Tammy Barta

I love having the physical cartridges so I can work offline or create if the site is having problems. My problem is I don’t have the machine to upload the cartridges from to design space, so had to send all 80+ cartridges I had into Cricut to add to my account. When I tried to find the cable it was so expensive, if I could even find one, to do this from one of my other machines. I think I will always prefer the physical cartidges.

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