Last Minute Easter Project Ideas!

Last Minute Easter Project Ideas!

by Lori Dkhissi

Easter is my favorite holiday. It might be because of the chocolate but that's besides the point! The projects and decorations are pretty cute too! 

It is so easy to decorate for Easter. You can make anything adorable by adding a cute bunny. Cut out a vinyl rabbit to add to the small kid presents or treats that you are putting in the Easter baskets. Tie a pastel ribbon around a few pieces of sidewalk chalk or markers and hang a cute bunny tag from it. 


Make your home simply ear-resistable, by adding an iron-on rabbit to throw pillows, finger towels, or a wood plaque. 


Add a little bunny love to your wardrobe with an iron-on t-shirt! 


Decorate your Easter eggs with little vinyl cut outs. Either leave them on as part of the decoration or dye your eggs and remove the vinyl afterwards for a stencil look to them. 


My absolute favorite Easter project is cutting out bunny feet and placing them around the house on Easter morning. The young kids love the thrill of "seeing" that some-bunny was there dropping off their presents and hiding the eggs!! 


Here are some of our favorite Easter Cartridges that will help you get started:

So...hop to it and get crafting! 


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